Space Data Sources
Data Sources

Handeling of space data sources

We have decades of in-house expertise and the capability of processing :

  • Digital aerial photography
  • Very High Resolution (VHR) satellite images, such as Ikonos, Worldviews, Quickbird, SPOT6 and 7 and etc..
  • High Resolution (HR) satellite images, such as Landsat, SPOT4 and 5, Sentinel, Formosat, IRS and etc..
The abovementioned imagery all contribute to project feasibility analyses, using a variety of image analysis software.
    The requirement for such a feasibility analysis is:
  • Selection of the ideal approach and data sources
  • Design of the technical efficient work-flows
  • Organization of data acquisition and control points
  • Project execution, evaluation and reporting


Satellite images

    We are providing:
  • Services for the acquisition and distribution of satellite data/products
  • Satellite image selection and orders
  • Rigorous sensor models for satellite images
  • Rational Function Models (RFMs) for satellite images
  • Automatic Satellite triangulation
  • Semi-automatic and automatic tie/pass points generation
  • High degree of automation of image processing
  • Simultaneous bundle adjustment of using of matched tie/pass points
  • Detailed description of model accuracy
  • Sensor modeling report file
  • GCPs control



    We are providing:
  • Management and Quality Control
  • Aerial flight planning
  • Creation of geographical environments
  • Bulk input/output of photogrammetric data
  • A standard set of data reports
  • Single-photo resection
  • Automatic aerial triangulation
  • Semi-automatic and automatic tie/pass point generation
  • Detailed description of model accuracy
  • GCPs control


UAVs (Drones)

GeoRas is currently exploring this technology. The focus mainly lays on aerial serveying, site inspection, monitoring and 3D Mapping.

    Some of the markets of interest to us are:
  • Precision agriculture
  • Law enforcement
  • Data management
  • Energy

/DTM generation

DTM generation

Automatic or interactive methods in stereo DTM data collection includes:

  • DTM data, elevation points, break lines and geomorphologic features
  • Automated through the use of image data and image processing methods
  • Eliminate preprocessing through epipolar resampling
  • View and modify the data to use it directly in other products
  • Dense surface model correlation using Semi-Global Matching
  • Converting several elevation formats data
  • Coordinate transformations, tiling, merging, and triangulation
  • 3D viewer editor for assessing the accuracy of the elevation data


Orthophoto Generation

    Ortho production of aerial and satellite images includes:
  • Ortho project planning orthorectification
  • Tone balancing
  • Mosaicking
  • True ortho capability
  • Automatic seam line generation
  • Quality assessment