Integrated GIS, Remote Sensing and Digital Photogrammetry

Since 1991, GeoRas has been one of the first leading companies in the field of integrated GIS, remote sensing and photogrammetry in The Netherlands.

As a private and an independent company, GeoRas offers their customers a wide range of highly efficient and competitive solutions with best practices for operations and innovation, based on decades of expertise and experience in the technology of spatial data processing, GIS, software development, and integrated services.

Key Project Background:
Within the European Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), Techniques and guidance are continually being refined for the standardized measurement of field areas identification of crop types, geo-location of landscape features and assessment of environmental impacts.
Since 1993, European Commission has promoted the use of “Control with Remote Sensing” (CwRS) as an appropriate method to check if the CAP area-based aids are correctly granted.
Another purpose of the CwRS is to allow EU member states to assess the quality of their Integrated Administration Control System (IACS) and Land Parcel Information System (LPIS).
GeoRas from the begining of CAP policy has continually been inventing, providing and implementing its software applications and methodology on behalf of the Dutch Ministry of Agriculture (currently Ministry of Economics and Innovation).